2011 Competition?

Don’t think that this story has been closed because of this first annual competition!
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  1. Wow!! love this competition!! it sounds great!!! thx a lot!

  2. Mexico tambien compite ?¿ digo los zombies ban a estar en todo el mundo jeje

  3. John B says:

    It says artists, designers, and architects…. What about engineers! We want in!

  4. Great competition guys! If I had any design skills whatsoever, I’d register in a heartbeat. The requirements for the house are excellent. I’d kill 100 zombies for that autographed Max Brooks copy.

  5. daonguyen says:

    2010 competition have so few people participating. May be the information spreading not effective and the prizes are not interested… just think

    • snd says:

      Agree. Our first shot at it last year was a freshman attempt. This year we are bigger, more organized, and the results show. Click on the map to see the current locations of registers from around the world.

  6. M. Carmen Rosales says:

    Can’t wait, but do need more info.

  7. newmanrp says:

    Are we allowed to enter as a team or group?

  8. Jose Lim says:

    I don’t think we should label any type of zombie. I know Romero’s zombies are more lazy and slow but the 28 days later puts into a new meaning on what we have to look out in case something like this could ever happened, and according to the Zombie Survival Guide each zombie is different depending on the life their previous host had in other words if a human being was in good shape when it turns into a zombie it would keep the same agilities it once had.

  9. Andy says:

    I’m a webdesigner and webdeveloper from Germany and also a great fan of this idea. Its a really good concept for online marketing, also for me. 😉 So I’m curious about your next informations. I’ll read and watch some adequate stuff…

  10. Hi, I would know if for the next competition is possible to present more than one project per person.

    Thanx 🙂

    • Steven Domingue says:

      Yes, that is fine. We are looking to start releasing information this spring/summer regarding dates, program revisions, and other competition details. So please either “like” our facebook page or keep your eyes open for buzz. Thanks

  11. Cerise says:

    Shea Trahan,

    I’m in a fine art school in Paris. I’m learning interior design. So, how to protect yourself in front of a zombie attack is a good challenge. But my project changed a little bit. Finally I’m gonna transform my flat on a zombie safety house. So I’m gonna work on how to produce your energy, food and everything to stay stuck in your appartment for decades and decades. Claustrophobic project, isn’t it?!

  12. Andreas says:

    I’m an architect and zombiefan, I Can’t wait for the 2011 competition. Taking this very seriously, could I recommend a more precise competition brief, perhaps where a clearer scenario is described. This way all entries can be assesed on a common basis. The 2010 entries are great but I miss common criteria to judge them by: long term use, feasibility, etc.

  13. Joao Graca says:

    Let them come … I’ll be prepared!

  14. ghostcorps says:

    Also, unless otherwise stated I think zombies should adhere to George Romeros’ zombie type, rather than the modern plague type zombies with special powers etc

  15. ghostcorps says:

    Here is one thing you must never forget:

    Zombies can not move backwards, so as long as all entrance doors are ‘Pull only’ you are safe 😀

  16. Is there any news on when the competition will be open? Should we plan our design around the same program issues addressed last year, or will they be different for this year?

  17. Carolina says:

    no puedo creer que existan competencias para este tipo de proyectos,… mejor envien sus ideas como libretos para la proxima Resident EVIL y ponganse a trabajar en algo serio

  18. Chris says:

    Yea, we need some background on the type of zombie to protect against. I’m always for the classic creeper zombies not so much the rage zombies from 28 days later.

  19. Shea Trahan says:

    Cerise…where do you attend school? Just curious.

  20. Ora ocon says:

    I have been thinking about this for quite a long time. I might have to recruit an artist.

  21. Cerise says:

    I’m in too! And i’m making this competition my project for my diploma ! I can’t wait!

  22. buddhamonke says:

    Yes indeed, I cant wait to enter next year and I have started designing mine as well. I only wish the deadline would get here sooner, I cant wait to see what all of the entries are.

  23. We would like to display the winner and all entries at ZomBcon 2011.
    Queen ZomBie

  24. Steven Domingue says:

    Agree Travis and D, we decided to keep this go around plain and simple and though the open program worked well with little restrictions on format and program. I think as we plan for the 2011 Zombie Safe House competition the open to interpretation approach will prove to be a stronger concept as various concepts are entered. As far as prize, we are thinking of different options and hope to nail something down before then. (although we though the Gold Shovel is a very fitting trophy)

    Thanks for the support and interest.

  25. Travis says:

    Time is too precious to enter competitions that do not have an incentive of some sort, no matter how fun they might be – you guys should look into putting together a prize package for 2011

  26. D says:

    Okay I’m sooo down for next year, as I’ve been working on my apocalypse plan for some time. However, do you win anything from this competition? I see no mention of what happens if you win…

    • Brooklyn says:

      Hello D,

      I noticed that you said you have been working on a apocalypse plan for sometime now. I work for a production company in NYC and we are casting for a TV show on National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. Would you be interested in participating? I would love to talk with you more about our casting process. Please email prepperstv@gmail.com


  27. Patrick guevin says:

    I would suggest to read Max Brooks’s:
    The Zombie Survival Guide
    World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

    Two really god books on the subject that allows you to plan for multiples crisis scenarios.

    Maybe even have himself judge the proposal?

  28. I think it would matter if they were resident evil or left for dead kind of zomie, with special mutated ones that can jump, smash whatever. or the regular human looking brain eating type.

  29. Jeremy says:

    Awesome! I am defiantly in…..Can’t wait..

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