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Entry Requirements: To enter the 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition, complete the registration form above.  We will reply back with a entry number to be included on all future correspondence.  All entries are to be submitted digitally to  

Size:  Each entry must contain a minimum and maximum of ONE image.  The entry must be a minimum of 11″x17″ at 200dpi (resolution) or a maximum of 24″x36″.  (if you feel your work demands more images or larger format please email us, we won’t turn you down)
Format:  Each entry must be saved as a digital format of one of the following JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS.  If you want to submit something other than an image (i.e. video, physical model) please contact us prior to registration.

Rules and Regulations: In an effort to keep this competition free, by registering you are agreeing to let us use any entries to help build the competition as we continue to grow.  By submitting your entry you are agreeing to let the Zombie Safe House Competition use your work for but not limited to promote, raise funds, put in a gallery, installation, our website and any other website/blogs, and print documents.  Basically, we need your entries to keep this thing going.  Upon registration each entry will transfer of copyright to the Zombie Safe House Competition so that we can facilitate the needs of the competition and the annual book.

The winners and honorable mention entries will be assembled into an annual book which will be available for purchase after completion of the competition. 

(entry requirements rules and regulation subject to change, we will contact all registered of any changes via email provided during registration)