1. Diandra says:

    “Discard your weapons into the sea?” No way, friend. If Betty in room 204 sleeps with my man again, that bitch is meat.
    ZOMBIE SURVIVAL RULE #3: NEVER DISCARD YOUR WEAPON-unless, of course you just upgraded 😀

  2. someone says:

    it’s a good idea. there definitely wouldn’t be a single zombie that would reach this place, BUT you all will probably not survive if a hurricane comes or a typhoon.

  3. Mike coughlin says:

    lots of potential issues. #1 IN THE EVENT OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, YOU HAVE TO HOPE YOU GET TO THE SHIP AND TO THE ISLAND WITHOUT ANY ZOMBIES OR VIRUSES GETTING TO YOU FIRST. The seclusion is it’s best and WORST attribute. Really bad ocean weather with no way to escape spells instant doom. What if the zombie virus is airborne: no way to get away from it or any zombies that may form in the community. once in the stronghold, it would be impossible to leave, leaving inbreeding to occur within just a few generations; within time, some other humans would be sailing by and stop to see the inhabitants of this refuge only to find an island of inbred survivors. it also references no work, like a permanent vacation, but who will maintain the crops and mechanical stuff? i don’t think it has what it takes to win, sorry

  4. John says:

    Thank god for Hurricanes to tip Serenity over and let the pacifists drown

  5. leslie says:

    What happens if an infected person gets aboard and you have no weapons to put them down? Even if everyone were armed with a knife of some sort. No weapons is not a good idea.

  6. Jesse says:

    discard your weapons? true, shouldn’t be needed ON Serenity, but what about excursions to the mainland? Protection against hostile human takeovers? great design, keep in mind the scope of the zombie apocalypse

    • natedog says:

      What about cruise ships overtaken by zombies carelessly floating at sea. I know it is a needle in a haystack probability, but a possibility nione the less that the boat ciould float into the structure. Possibly employing an electronic defense net and/or rpgs at the standby to sink any floating zombie ships

  7. Brittany Connolly says:

    This is actually a very smart design. I approve whole heartedly.

  8. andrew says:

    the design seems fool proof because theres no way that they can climb up those slippery non staired polls that hold up the amazing structure

  9. lorenza says:


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