1. Z1006 says:

    An oil rig?

    • Lee Eckert says:

      This project, New Horizon, attempts to create a haven within a zombie infested world using perhaps the greatest protection of all: isolation. New Horizon accomplishes this by transforming one of the over 4,000 oil rigs located on the Gulf of Mexico from an object that is traditionally detrimental to its environment into a sanctuary that is difficult if not impossible to reach by zombies and marauders alike.
      The structure of the New Horizon is well adapted to the rough ocean atmosphere and its standardized frame allows multiple uses to be added. These uses include, but are not limited to, resource collection, housing, and food and energy production. Due to its previous use, the rig is also well adapted to securely taking on new shipments of necessary goods, as well as providing a jump off point for fishing vessels in the area. The sheer scale of the oil platform also allows it to support a fairly sizable community; a feat that on land would be almost impossible to safely accomplish.

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