1. Z1136 says:

    From the Boards:

    Dance Dance Zombie (DDZ)

    “Located on the northern tip of Bainbridge Island in Washington, DDZ safehouse invites the nearby infected to spend their days and nights dancing. Attracted by the lights and visions of human activity through strategically placed openings in the safehouse, zombies will run, stumble, jump, and attempt to push their way into the safe-house; The pressure from their weight and force apply friction to the piezoelectric plates, generating energy. The more infected on the dance floor, the more energy is generated. This energy is absorbed and provides the power for a comfortable
    living environment for occupants inside.

    Access to the interior of DDZ safehouse is only possible via water on the north side, as the safehouse juts into the coast, preventing zombie flanking and infiltration. In the unlikely event of
    the occupants feeling threatened, they can evacuate by boat. If the number of zombies becomes overwhelming, the owners can use their boats to tug their home away from the land infestation.

    The safehouse takes advantage of the high annual rainfall in its location by providing systems that harvest and filter the rainwater for all potable needs. Hydroponic gardens and courtyards not only provide the occupants with a safe and comfortable space to relax, but also allow them to grow their own food. In addition, it’s prime location in the Puget Sound Basin allow users to easily go fishing.

    DDZ is not only a safe haven, but rather a place that will sustain and progress life throughout the zombie apocalypse.”

  2. CCT says:

    Can’t read anything!!
    How it’s sexy by making energy from jombie? & who is jombie?

  3. nkyb says:

    Especialy making energy from jombie

  4. Roukia says:

    Great job!

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