1. Good project. The only problem is that a zombie apocalypse happens in a matter of months, 6-8, maybe. How long and how workers think build a tower of that height, when they have been delayed as 8 years to make Taipei 101, I think.

  2. The primary issue here you should be concerned with is wind shear. The taller your building, the more wind surfaces available for the destabilization of the building. Constructing your safe zone with massive openings through and into it will make your building unstable. Eventually the reverberations and resonances set up by the wind could shake key structural elements of building support until they are no longer capable of supporting your building properly. This is why we neither build structures this tall, nor why tall structures are built with this kind of open spacing.

    • z1147 says:

      Hi! Well nice point!
      But as you can see by the nature of the competition this was taken a bit not very seriously at all like 90% of the proposals I guess and also, i didn’t have any means to hire a structural engineer for such a thigh deadline! 😀
      But thanks for the info, didn’t know about that! Zombies will eventually kill us all anyway! 😀

  3. fisin says:

    I assume your using a helicopter to get rid of waste because your assuming that all the waste management plants are overrun with zombies and non-functional. Yet fuel is in such a high supply that you don’t have to worry about flying helicopters miles away every day?

    • z1147 says:

      hey! well i’ll try to explain my point… world became unlivable, zombies everywhere, corpses everywhere, pollution, everything is lost! world as reached an end! then there is a really bright light and an evangelical voice coming from the sky and puff: a solution, those high (structurally unstable buildings that will eventually fall thanks to azaroth now)! 😀
      So waste management just lost all it’s purposes… the main goal is to survive… Hey, helicopters can be powered by zombie meat? we’re in the future, right! If zombies have the right to exist, structurally unstable buildings with zombie meat powered helicopters have also their place in that world! 😀

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