1. steve williams says:

    Great idea, I can’t wiat to be a Zombie so I can go to this Rehab.

  2. The creeper gets less than 0.007 miles per gallon.

    If you were to drive to a city that is 2 hours away by regulated highway travel (or about 120 miles), in the Creeper it would take over 4 days constantly driving and require 17,141 gallons of fuel (which would weigh 143,143 lbs). The average large tanker fuel truck carries around 7 thousand gallons, and those are going to be rare if not impossible to find once the world shuts down, but you would need 4 trucks full per week of travel in this vehicle.

    And that’s if you can find the 11 drivers required and the army of engineers to keep it functional. Also, all the noise would rapidly and constantly attract the attention of zombies from miles away who may or may not notice the brightly colored crane sticking above most buildings and high above the tree line. It would require dozens of people driving around daily to find the fuel trucks, or new sources of fuel, more than you could support by scavenging for food.

    In short, the zombie attention means thousands of corpses would gum up your treads per week until they required repair, at which point the army of engineers you dont have would be swarmed by the thousands of zombies you had attracted with this venture.

    • t (Z1204) says:

      NASA would claim that. Actually, they solved the energy problem ~9.107 years ago. They just don’t want to tell anyone because then people will want to steal their stuff. Just as I only have $5 in my wallet.

  3. waynehom says:

    But doesn’t the NASA creeper get like 1 mile per gallon?

  4. Kitten Smooch says:

    Great idea! I never thought about a “Fort on the move”. Probably not great for a permanent home, but perfect for your idea of a lab or for moving survivors to settlements.

  5. ha says:

    its a hospital-crane-rover-tank. with a v dub.

  6. SHW says:

    Repurposing the shuttle crawler-transporter, nice touch!

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