1. Jay says:

    as designers you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, No matter the quality of the project you should NOT be this negative, Critiques is one thing, but negativity is another.

    How would y’all feel as designers if someone showed this much negativity. HONESTLY this type of non sense pisses me the F*CK OFF.

    Alfredo, don’t let these low lives get under your skin, Just ignore them like I do…. GOOD LUCK

  2. Z1006 says:

    The million Dollar question:
    walking Zombies or running Zombies?

  3. Zombie for rent! says:

    Dear Z1225,
    Is there is a chance you hire me as a chauffeur? I promise I will not infect any passenger!

  4. kaf says:

    This has apparently turned ugly. Seriously, people: the enemy is the zombies.
    And this is supposed to be fun.

    Saying you don’t like a project is one thing, harassing the person that submitted it is another.

    • Vincent BoJangles says:

      I think that this is the most sensible comment on this page yet. agreed kaf, agreed! People who are worried about the amount of votes, I’m not sure that this stage of voting counts for anything. I believe it is just something to occupy people until ZomBcon and the final judging

  5. A.C. says:

    Lol I must say that I had some good laughs while reading what everybody has posted here on my project. As those who know me and had voted for me know I been having some personal problems. I thank all of those who have voted, because even though most of my votes are negative they still mean that someone had the time to sit down and look at my idea.

    But now going to the real reason of wasting some time to write this response down. I honestly can’t believe the number of unprofessional users on this competition. Of the number of competitions I had been on this has been the worst. I am ashamed that people like Architects Southwest, Cootie Von Ghoul or the American Coffee House & Freetown Studio Inc. accept such dialect to go by from some of these disrespectful users. Small competitions like this one shouldn’t create such type of ignorant comments.

    To respond to some of the comments,
    no, I do not play gears of war, I honestly can tell you I stopped playing around the age of 12, during the Nintendo 64 era, because I concentrated on my school then I had a night shift job and was a part time student, and at the moment, I am a full time worker on a firm, a full time husband and a part time student with my architectural school finished, and a cofounder to a freelance group.
    Through and Engineering point of view? Doug, do you understand that this is a small competition? It isn’t like you are criticizing an eVolo competition. Besides the price is just a book, it is not cash or something so important as cash. It is for entertainment!!!
    Grullo, maybe in Italian you spell it Vince, but in Mexico and here in the U.S. I had always seen the word being spelled Vinci. Sorry for my part on the ignorance of Italian grammar.
    Cabrera and Campos, of course I enjoy your defense on the subject, Que Viva Mexico!!!!!

    Another small argument I saw that came out, was about the acquisition of votes, I had been participant of different competitions and I had always been left behind because of the “popularity vote” there was this time that one person got over 5,000 votes, while everybody had only 200 to the most. I learned from that individual though. He had gotten all his people to vote for him (all the way in Peru) So I decided to do the same. I concentrated on advertising my drawing within the Mexican community, specially this little town I grew up on. I do not see why that should had been a problem though. Didn’t thought that getting my family, friends, coworkers, and facebook users to vote for me was not acceptable.

    Also I cant understand how me acquiring 500 positive votes is a problem, but me getting 600 negative votes is not. Do you see the discrepancy on my dilemma?

    If my design leads to a disqualification for acknowledging the unfairness that this competition has brought then so be it, as this disregard of comments monitoring shows the professionalism that the sponsors and creators of the competition have. This was supposed to be be a fun competition.

    Thanks to all and have a nice day.

  6. dz says:

    well martin cabrera it seems that you have more enemies than friends now 🙂
    and i’m glad that this poor project and its unnecessary liking generated the disgusts of people that did not get their brains eaten by zombies

  7. this doesnt make sense says:

    sorry about the repost.. below …. it was supposed to be to the original project that the comment was made

  8. William says:

    SEEMS TO ME YOU LIVE IN “GEARS OF WAR” LAND . i also dislike the fact you didn’t state any info about fuel. what happens when ur supplies go empty? dislike. CLICK

  9. this doesnt make sense says:

    I don’t know why people are voting for this design when it doesn’t even makes sense, I think this is a design by a group of people who grew up in a gated community who think the world is white and their neighbors say “howdy doo” to each other. I analysed the complete board in order to respond, I’m not writing things randomly. Well lets analyse your introduction, your goal is to create food, and threat water for natural resources. It will create energy through solar and wind power, and most importantly shelter. And, there will more than one compound across all North America connected by a rail system. Ok time to critic.
    Let’s analysed your first diagram, safe house vs. safe town. Each figure represents 5 people, so a safe house can protect a small group, while a safe town can protect close to 10,000 people according to your diagram, well in order to protect 10,000 people you need to supply food for 10,000 people, water for 10,000 people, clothing for 10,000 people, condoms for at least 5,000 people because you don’t want 10,000 to become 20,000 in one year, and a escape plan for 10,000 people. I myself would rather find means of survival within a small group of people with family and friends than to live in an overcrowding, most likely dirty conditions with small portion meals and no means of good hygiene, (I’ll get to that).
    Next is your subway systems network, you claim that people will be safe by traveling to another compound in case of an attack, Well, answer me something, how can people have the time to create these tunnels that connect all of the US and Canada, even the Caribbean islands through underground tunnels, I don’t even think that our existing highways system can reach all of Canada like in your diagram, and is more of a joke when you put dots in the caribbean islands, and why not reach Mexico, what zombies took over the world but the US still keeps well organized border control, who will built these compounds if you don’t let Mexicans in LOL.
    Next is your Severity of Infection Map, why would there be any of these compounds if the severity in the US is low, why not get the military involved and they can take control of the situation. Lack of thought if you ask me, most of these compounds are in places where nothing has happened anyway.
    Now lets go to your nice Sustainability of a safe town diagram. Lets start with your photovoltaic panels, first of all, for maximum efficiency, the panels need to be at an angle directed perpendicular to the rays of the sun, if they’re flat well you won’t be producing enough energy to provide energy for buildings for 10,000 people and to operate your subway system. Then it moves to water tanks, that’s what they’re called not units, you’re putting water tanks on top of your buildings, well, think about this my friends, how much rain do we get a year? if the human race is dependent of rain water to support 10,000 people how much will we last. and I don’t understand why the buildings are elevated, people access them with a ramp.
    Then we got to the green, brown, and red boxes, the green is for greenhouse agriculture, which I believe is a fancy word for grain bins, so the green arrows mean that people collects food from the green houses and store them in these grain bins and then recycle the bad or leftovers as fertilizer, fair enough. But then we have the brown one that says processed organic waste, well if you don’t know what that means it means “SHIT” so basically shit is collected somehow in a big container then it is used as fertilizer for the farm in the greenhouses, which means people eat shit veggies, and well think of the smell of that. And well then is the red, waste into energy, i don’t understand how waste becomes energy, I get your solar and wind power but explain waste into energy, that’s just a made up thing to sound eco friendly, there’s no such thing.
    Finally you got your Renderings. Military, nice renderings, but how much time would it take to check every single person who enters the compound when there is a zombie war outside. In the presence of a military, you know who will run the compound right, the people with guns.
    Your “GREENHOUS DOMES”, don’t seem to be able to keep the infected outside, they got big openings, and they would smell like you know what is used to fertilize the food, and they don’t seem big enough to save 10,000 people from starvation. The designs of the Housing buildings seem that if I push them they would all collapse, and again you only show stacks of two, so how can there be enough living space for a town of 10,000 people. The Core Complex if the most un-attractive and boring in all the competition, is all glass building so if there is an outbreak, zombies will see people inside this building easily. Why boring, and ugly you may ask, well it looks like a corporate building for Mac, Walmart, or UMBRELLA why not. If that’s what design is for you, you’re in the wrong field. Water treatment, for there to be a water treatment facility there’s got to be water, with no water why do you want that.
    Things to think about these compound types, who will be the head of the compound, most likely the person with most money and he will most likely be the safest person there, overcrowding living conditions will be a problem, food supplies will be lacking, bringing crime, even thou there is a military presence doesn’t mean that they’re there to help. The presence of the Military will make the place feel like a concentration camp.
    And well keep voting for yourself, I bet you’re the only one doing it.


  10. Sander Zhu says:

    Wow, what the hell is this? This is complete crap. no wonder it has more dislikes then likes. piece of crap

  11. Sander says:

    this is a terrible idea…… why does this have 500++ thumbs up.. this SUCKS!

  12. IHATEYOU says:


  13. CCT says:

    I prefer to turn into a ZOMBIE than to ride this!! I don’t think this is a safe house at all!
    By the way, if you are in a CAT truck why do you need a building type stairs?

  14. Sandra says:

    second design i find on this competition that serves the only necessary purpose if there was a real zombie attack. It might not be a huge design, but its real, something the average joe would be able to think of in that situation. keep moving is the only rule of survival on a place full of predators or cannibals. good luck.

  15. kaf says:

    This is a bad design…sorry. It is just an armored truck. No ingenuity at all. Nothing.

  16. Martin Cabrera says:

    Only reason why i am responding here is because you used my response on your comment “dz” I dont believe that they should had made this competition into a public voting, because at the end its about popularity, if you have friends then they will vote for you. I honestly dont see the problem with that. It is all a strategy. but in some cases, i see they took it against this guy, people with no friends get mad. do you think that is the reason why you have no friends?

  17. dz says:

    “There is another great idea on this competition 1327 is same as this one, they both deserve our votes.”
    the 1327 is even cooler and the fact that it collected 9 likes and 38 dislikes by now
    it’s just the demonstration that the VANQUISER adopted a VANQUISHING strategy of votes acquiring.

  18. John says:

    this is legit a construction dump truck covered in concrete….500+ votes, is there something I’m missing?

  19. Martin Cabrera says:

    I am with the Fernando’s comment, most of the designs on this competition are about hidding in some higher ground with no way of attacking or anything, almost like a bunch of groups just giving up on life. Every nation on the world found their independence by fighting, love the quote you put on the bottom of your comment Fernando. Emiliano Zapata couldnt have said it better. It doesnt matter if you have to risk your life to defend your land, as long as those after you can have some liberty. in this case from the zombie’s attack. There is another great idea on this competition 1327 is same as this one, they both deserve our votes.

  20. Fernando Campos says:

    The reason why i voted for this design was not the engineering part, or if it is going to help me get food or water for a long period of time, but because at the end of civilization and with zombies taking over little by little, i rather have some type of fighting choice. I do not want to hide on some “unexplainable” sphere, some “floating” island, eating veggies with some abercrombi and fitch mentality. IT WOULD BE A WAR!!!!. and if i see you living on those places, guess where I would grab my food from? with this huge truck i would destroy you and take your food. To the author of this board, I think that should be your response dude. You got my vote. “I rather die on my feet than to live on my knees”

  21. Doug says:

    Why does this have so many votes? I don’t get why people think this is good, as a engineer I believe that this is not very practical or efficient.

    • jorge says:

      I agree with the comments by Fernando and Martin. To survive a zombie scenario apocalypse, one has the need to travel away from their safe zone eventually, not one shelter will provide food and energy for life, the need for travel will eventually happen, and when that day comes, will the people who been hiding in the forest stand a chance? Another thing with these fortresses of solitude, most of these designs are build for zombie invasion and dumb hillbillies, but what about against groups of well armed cannibals, how can shelter protect against this thread. Here in our architecture office we voted for this prototype for this reason, and well you claim your engineering knowledge of practicality and efficiency is a good source of criticism? Well what separates engineers from architects is creativity, that’s something that as an engineer will never achieve to its fullest.

  22. Ajdin Gazija says:

    beautiful is something else…

  23. John Myron says:

    The board should speak for itself and this one does NOT, very confused

  24. grullo says:

    A short, epic zombie killing spree, then a horrible death when the fuel runs out. And the author didn’t even spell “da vinci” the right way. “vince” means ‘it wins’ in italian. But this shoudn’t.

  25. A. C. says:

    Thanks for the votes everybody. a lot of negatives, but again is not about winning on small competitions, but about competing 😀 Hi Zack Taylor well some of the description is on there, but when they placed the images on here i guess text came out to short O.o it has sections for workshops where different things can be done, the whole reason of the size is based on the http://www.cat.com/equipment/off-highway-trucks/off-highway-trucks
    with a few alterations. which allows for small settlements to take place, because the structure of the truck itself is almost impenetrable. The huge size of the design helps to keep food safe and water for a long time, fuel, well most of it with feces, as the truck is mainly for shelter you dont need to be always moving that should be enough, but if you do, then with either gas or diesel (you choose what you want to make it). The size of the truck also allows for it to not only be used as a shelter but as a weapon, as you can see on the specs, even though its big size it can still go to a high speed. Hope that answers some of your questions, i did wanted to add more pictures, but the competition did stated it only needed one picture, for that i only placed one (i did saw most others did use more than one though.)

  26. Zach Taylor says:

    How do you acquire food, waste or potable water. One main thought that I cannot understand is what fuel does it run on? This design has passed up on the opportunity to discuss some of the most important aspects of this competition,

  27. Jorge says:

    I believe this would be the real world zombie safe house if a zombie Apocalypse where to happen. All other entries are fiction scenarios. I like it, too many heaters I see.

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