1. Mauricio says:

    interesante… pero es muy parecido a un proyecto del ZSHC 2010..

  2. André Alkmim de Matos says:

    Fucking awsome!!!
    Cool ideia to use zombies as fuel!!

  3. Jonny says:

    Like this project!

  4. andrew says:

    so the airship achieves lift by hot air? helium? hydrogen? even with hydrogen the quantity is massively less than would be needed to lift all that. just look at the Hindenburg for a approx ratio of gas to lift. Unfortunately this wouldn’t even get off the ground.

    • Mark says:

      The projects posted in this competition are real as the possibility of a zombie attack…

      • Mark says:

        you have look creativity and development of the proposal. I like this project and I think he would be executable!

      • Mark says:

        you have look creativity and development of the proposal. I like this project and I think IT would be executable!

      • andrew says:

        That’s not really true though. There are plenty of entries that if made would actually work. The zombie invasion though unlikely to happen is just the parameters for the competition. Changing the laws of physics however is a completely different scenario. You might as well ‘invent’ lasers’ which split, bend and home in on every zombie on earth and destroy them instantly without the need for a safe house, but people don’t do that because currently technology doesn’t allow that and neither is there a way to lift that weight with that volume of any gas.


    Por que não?

  6. Enio Moronari says:

    Ta votado!!!

  7. João Lobo says:

    Be careful! Zombies may be flammable!

  8. Lucas Lazzarotti Fernandes says:

    Bacana demais

  9. Mariana Beirão Xavier says:

    Love it!!

  10. Vquisocala says:

    Muy interesante, merece Ganar!!!!

  11. Luiz Henrique Coppoli Barros says:


  12. andres says:

    Interesting approach

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