1. z1256 says:

    yay to 100 ‘up’ votes. Thankyou voters

  2. Tomo says:

    Very Thorough and well researched design!

    A pity the graphics have been down scaled however dont let that influence you, some top notch zombie survival tactics have been used here, envisioned through a realistic and plausible design.

    Get them built already?

  3. SW says:

    I am very impressed with both the design and the presentation. Looks very professional and well researched. Well done.

  4. z1256 says:

    ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ FULL LEGIBLE TEXT AT THE FOOT OF THE PAGE ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

  5. Mack says:

    I love the network idea and that it’s well explained, I think that’s pretty different to what most designs have – individual groups only out to save themselves. I’m glad there is hope for us all and some kind of collaboration is going to go on! You seem to have done a lot of research, the whole thing actually seems feasible. Unfortunately the graphics have been downscaled but I could read around that.

    • z1256 says:

      Thanks Mack, there are a few ‘networks’ out there so its not just me but it’s certainly a good way to recover after the apocalypse. Glad the poor graphics didn’t put you off.

  6. d says:

    Very nice work! Well thought out scheme, and a nice design, I think it would function very well. Also nice presentation with the graphics and the large 3D which helps explain the design, I also agree with an earlier comment that the green used in the presentation was a nice touch, really like the first sketch you have done of the zombies, very nice!

    I think the most interesting aspect is the network you have made, you can see this idea expanding, going from the river networks to larger city like structures that are much like oil rigs out at sea, so very nice indeed!!

    Although I was just wondering how and where do you plan to produce your hydrogen?? (sorry if i missed it in the text, it was a lot of reading)

    Nice work!!

    • z1256 says:

      Thanks. yeah i forgot to write about it in the explanations but its labelled to the right of the 3d image. The hydrogen is created by running electricity through the water which splits it into its hydrogen and oxygen. This is done at level 00 just below the water and next to the turbines. It is then stored at level 19 near to the Chinooks which will use most of the hydrogen but can also be used to force farm the yams during the night or winter days.

  7. Tx903 says:

    Hey is they a link to a full res copy anywhere or could you email me a copy.


  8. k says:

    Wow, nice job. Very impressive. I especially like the inclusion of a quarantine area. Your design was crisp and clean overall. The green used for the illustrations was perfect, as was the drawing style. The building design was very professional looking and it seems like you thought of everything. I would take exception to zombies being able to smell- as their lungs aren’t functional – however this is just my pet peeve and zombie ‘canon’ seems to say otherwise. I assume the kitchen comes stocked with every known recipe for yams and then some! You certainly did your research for this. Kudos!

  9. Kitten Smooch says:

    This is my favorite idea. I love the whole thing. Looks like it would function really well and be very sustainable. You really thought of everything. Excellent work!

  10. Frank West says:

    @z1256 mind sending a copy over to lemonytater01@yahoo.com? thanks!

  11. Is there any way we could view the full resolution image? The idea looks fantastic!

    • z1256 says:

      Thanks, i’m glad you like it. The zombie comp people have downsized the image and won’t put in the full resolution. I can email you it if you want? I should have guessed this was an eye candy competition so sort of shot myself in the foot with all the text.

    • Trixie says:

      Coltsqueneny, doctors always prescribe side-effect laden medications for all ailments. One has to recognize that this ailment can only be managed through various Gout Treatments like medicines, herbs, natural methods, home cures, change in lifestyle, and so forth.

    • Wauhh… det lyder sÃ¥ spændende.Glæder mig til at se hvad det er.Men det kan jo kun være flot, nÃ¥r det kommer fra dig…Knus Susi

    • Ja det här med namn och namn! Blir lätt sÃ¥ när de ligger "ranka i ranka". FrÃ¥gan till er var iaf om ni har erfarenheter av Salvioni's Rosso? Molinari's Rosso har jag ganska bra koll pÃ¥ mÃ¥ste jag säga, dock inte hans Brunello.Erik

  12. z1256 says:

    The Text Reads

    VITAL STATS – bottom right corner

    INHABITANTS / NETWORK – 0.2% of UK population
    OCCUPANCY TIME – Indefinite
    ACCESS – Bridge or Chinook
    DEFENCE – River Clyde or sniper
    FOOD – Yam farm, fish farm, hydroponicum and stores
    WATER – Filtered from river
    POWER – Water and wind turbine
    AIR- Filtered air sealed environment
    EVACUATION – Lifeboats
    NETWORK – Chinook range, VHF, Single Side Band and regular radio

    1. THE OUTBREAK – The inevitable has happened, the world has been overrun with an epidemic that turns people into zombies.
    We told the governments that this could happen and most would not listen. However the UK government in all their limited wisdom decided to build a network of 638 towers in Great Britain despite the economic gloom for this eventuality.
    With a capacity of 200 people per tower pair, 0.2% of the UK population could be saved. The rest unfortunately will either fend for themselves or most likely become a zombie.

    2. THE ZOMBIE – A human being infected with the zombie virus will soon become 1 themselves. If you know the zombie, you can know how to beat it.
    1) A zombie is dead. 2) It does not breathe. 3) Only primal brain function remains to eat or kill survivors though it has no metabolism. 4) Running requires thought, these zombies can only walk slowly in a ‘line-of-sight’ attack method. 5) Nor can they swim but can walk under water if the current is not strong. 6) They have a high sense of smell and hearing (so no loud noises and don’t sweat). 7) They are ‘killed’ by natural decay, fire, a severing of the spinal column or massive head trauma. 8) Decay can vary depending on the climate. It could take many years in northern Canada or a week in a hot Louisiana summer.

    3. GETTING TO THE TOWER – If you’re lucky enough to survive the initial pandemonium and flesh munching, you may want to head towards a survival tower. During this time of crisis, each tower set has 2 hydrogen powered Chinooks searching for survivors.
    If you can’t get rescued then head downhill to the nearest large river and look for a tower. Large rivers attract large populations so if you’re not near a large river, it’s likely the zombie threat will be small in your area.
    Listen to the radio for emergency broadcasts being sent from the towers to find your nearest.
    Head along the bridge into the entrance and virus check zone. If you’re healthy then you will be admitted. If not then you will be ejected or subject to further testing. swimming towards to tower is not advised. It is likely you will not be seen and rescue is also difficult.

    4. SURVIVAL TOWER ACCESS – Using a simple swing bridge operated from the control room and guarded by snipers, any zombie which makes it way across the bridge using ‘line-of-sight’ attack will not notice the gap and fall into the River Clyde to be washed away. If a zombie is too close to a survivor, the sniper with silencers can ‘take it out’ before they get to close.

    5. QUARANTINE – The survivor tower, is designed not just to live in but also to find a cure. Some survivors who have the virus and don’t know it will become zombies and these canditates can be secured before the zombification can take place. With these cases (or special cases of family members) the medical testing facilites on level 01 will attempt to find a cure. This level is only accessible by the zombie lift and is not connected to the survivor section of the building so cross contamination can’t take place. It won’t be pretty but this facility also gives hope to survivors and a good mental attitude is vital in surviving these apocalyptic times.

    6. DEFENCE – Loud noises are always advised against so not to attract more zombies. But in the case a zombie does get too close to a survivor on the outside or near the perimeter fence then our trained snipers will remove the assailant.
    Even with silencers this action may still attract more zombies, though our main line of defense is the River Clyde running through the heart of Glasgow. The intention will be zombies will be washed away by the currents and speed up the decomposition process. A zombies sense of smell and hearing will be greatly reduced by being under water and this should make them randomly disperse there after. If a zombie should make it into the building the control room will lock down the level while the guards retake the level and remove the threat.

    7. CONTROL – This diagram shows the methods in which the building is controlled. There are 3 lifts in the each tower. 1 zombie lift (in red) is used to reach parts of the building which could be exposed to the virus ie. the helipad. There are 2 survivor lifts in parallel (in blue) which service the living part and sealed environment of the tower. Everyone on the ‘outside’ or using the z lift has to be checked in zombie virus check level 02 before entering the building proper. The guard room uses remotely operated snipers so they need not use the z lift. (no-one wants guards turning into zombies)
    The air intake for building is taken from the prevailing wind side (and filtered) and released down wind.If the control room (level 4 is overun) then control room (level 20) will take over and every floor can be locked down.

    8. NETWORK – A true survival system needs a method to repopulate the lands for a successful and healthy population. The 638 towers are concentrated more in England due to higher population density, though this example is situated in Glasgow on the River Clyde. Using the network, families can be placed together from different parts of the country so a modicum of normality can continue.

    This network can sustain 0.2% of the population for an unlimited time.

    9. HYDROPONICUM AND FISHFARM – The River Clyde is bountiful with brown trout, sea trout, salmon and American Crayfish. As part of the self sufficient survival tower, level -01 uses half the base to hold a fish farm which increases food productivity rather than a catch and eat policy.
    Using a long practiced technique, the fish farm waste is pumped within the water needed for the hydroponicum which grows various vegetables for a balanced diet for the inhabitants. The fish excrement acts a fertiliser increasing yield. Some plant material that is envitably uncompostable can be fed back to fish and the cycle continues

    10. POWER – The need for power is integral to the success of the tower and the river again becomes the life line and power source. The constant current is utilised with 13 water turbines. Each turbine is 6m in diameter and the 13 in total is more than enough to produce the power needed. However in times of tidal slack water, the tower set also has 4 wind turbines with blade length of 5m set 55 meters in the air. Each wind turbine is set on a corner so no matter what the wind direction, power can be generated. If no wind is available (which is unlikely for Glasgow) the saved hydrogen can be used to power the building.

    11. FOOD – The tower attemps to be as self sufficient as possible to cover all eventualities. However in level 06, 07 and 08 food stores are available though these are a last resort while growing and catching our own food is the prefered method. The hydroponicum will grow many varities of food but as a question of pure sustinance the farm is designed to feed the inhabitants indefinitely.
    The 2 farms which span between the 2 towers grow yams which are the highest yielding vegetable per m2 on the planet. The yams are force farmed used stored power for longer growing seasons.

    1) Average person needs 657 000 calories/year.
    2) Yams with forced farming can produce 33 000 calories/m2/year.
    3) One person needs 20m2 of yams a year.
    4) Total farm area is 4000m2 enough for 200 people.

    Perhaps not nouvelle cuisine but enough to live on.

    12. WATER – Zombies may be able to survive without water, but humans can’t. As well for our own survival, water is integral to many of the systems in the tower. Even without a zombie apocalypse, drinking water from the Clyde wouldn’t be advised, so the water that is taken from the river for the fish farm, hydroponicum, yam farm and consumption is taken through a filter to make sure any diseases and zombie viruses are removed.

    13. WASTE AND COMPOST – It’s not to everyone’s preference but human waste is an excellent fertiliser and the more food the better. With a good wash, any yielded food will be fit for human consumption so the cycle continues.

    Though still controversial as a farming method, it’s either this way of the taking your chances with the zombies.

    14. COMMUNICATION AND CURE – The towers ability to communicate is an important system of survival and vital to finding the cure.

    Each tower broadcasts emergency radio messages so the survivors can find their way.

    The towers communicate with the Chinooks with VHF radio so the actual area of influence of each tower over laps each other and is much greater than the foot print of the tower in the river.

    Finding a cure is vital for repopulation so the medical testing and zombie quarantine zone is used to search for cure for the virus. To increase the chances and shorten the time scale for a finding a cure, each tower communicates with other towers used single side-band radio so that no tower is repeated experiments. With 638 survival towers, a cure could be found very quickly.

    This form of communication creates ‘The Network’

    15. EVACUATION – If the unthinkable has happened and the tower has been breached on all floors then its time to evacuate and every man to fend for himself.
    The main thing to do is make your way down to level 09 and the evacuation level. If this has been breached, then fighting through is the only option. Each tower has 4 life boats (enough for 320 people) with provisions on board, which automatically lower into the river and away.
    However don’t fret !!!, in case of a breach the tower will broadcast a ‘breach message’ and nearby towers will be on alert with chinooks and snipers to come to your aid. Float down and moor onto another tower where you will be accomodated as best possible; another benefit of a network.Though with the tower designed as it is we’d hope a breach is unlikely.

    Enjoy your stay in Clyde 5

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