1. Laura R. says:

    You solve the tilt problem with gyroscopes like they use in the very large ships.

  2. zombiemantra says:


    Where’s the power coming from to power these devices let alone the high energy needed to fire a laser through water and kill a zombie (again)? The shape of a sphere is also really unaerodynamic and the principle applies to water as well as you don’t seem to find many sphere shaped fish about. Also there is no ballast tanks noted so how does this enormous volume of air stay submerged? From the picture I hope there are more red dots than shown seeing a voyage of considerable distance from the shore would need food, water, energy etc. saying that why aren’t the stations just a few miles off shore instead of many 100’s? Once in relatively deep water, there is no advantage to be in the middle of the Atlantic but rather a disadvantage as people to be rescued will be coming from land thus take longer to rescue and lead to more deaths in time. If the stations are breached what’s the evacuation plan then?

    There are far too many problems with this idea for the amount of high votes its received and would suggest block voting. There are many many better ideas than this one.

  3. yvonne says:

    thank you for all the nice comments and all the thumbs up 🙂
    and @sandra and Jorge:
    at the moment we are still save, but perhaps in a few decades it will happen ^^
    so we have to start immediatelyt to build all these cities and ships to save humanity!!!!
    Hurrrrrryyyyyy! 😀

    and i definitely think this is possible, you also think that a zombie invasion is possible 😉

  4. Sandra says:

    lol agree with jorge’s comment. It might look nice, but lets be honest, this would never be possible. Specially under the pressure of a zombie attack, where would you find the time to do this? specially if a zombie is trying to eat your brains as you are sitting down and thinking this through. I like the design, but it is not the solution for a zombie safe house.

  5. Jorge says:

    I like how in the last hope for human salvation, they build cities underwater that would probably take decades to build. I also like how humans can withstand underwater pressure. And finally I like how people can control these spheres without them tilting the floor plates so everyone won’t be thrown from one side to the other.

  6. Deno Alikadic says:

    two thumbs up. great!

  7. fredjacson says:

    Look…it’s the new Apple Infinite Loop building…designed by Norman Foster

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