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  4. Trish says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apepsachro!

  5. Tim says:

    Imagine if this was the dialogue at the UN. I love the discussion on reasonability, really?, your talking about zombies!

  6. Laura Raycraft says:

    Your entrance to the military compound has a ramp like structure on the outside which would give access to zombies. As a previous commenter pointed out, your underground subway makes no provisions if zombies should gain access (thereby making all linked compounds vulnerable).

  7. Z1006 says:

    The million Dollar question:
    walking Zombies or running Zombies?

  8. Zombie for rent! says:




  9. A.C. says:

    I am the real designer of Z1225, and i do acknowledge that some users had been writing down comments under other’s peoples names. I had found some “comments” left by me? when i can honestly say I have not been on my computer most morning. I am not going to give up who i am because this has gotten out of control. But at some point I did believe that the user writting down all the negative comments was the user from this design. I apologize but i think that who ever is “DZ” and a few other of his made up names is the real user playing unfairly.

    • A.C. says:

      I did noticed by time calculations that Andy Christoforou insulted Jorge first. Thanks Jorge for your support on defending my project.

    • I’m the designer and I have been using my fb accountn for all my comments, DZ is definetely not me….why would i insult my own project, you know? As far as me insulting Jorge and your time calculations, he insulted me first and i responded…so idk what thats all about.

      • A.C. says:

        Sorry if it gets you mad, but i can clearly see that with your facebook account you insulted Jorge on my design. you can go back and see it. I know now you are not DZ, that was clear when i read the negative comment, which i also made clear on my first post. But the whole point of this conversation is that I was agreeing with you that other people had been posting around with other names. I do not want to create an argument, because i am disappointed at the behavior of all the people posting on my page. I just read your name and been looking around if anybody else posted as me on any other projects. Again sorry.

      • my apologies if you think I’m getting angry at you, what I mean in simple terms is that I agree with you about the unfairness, only reason I commented on yours was because I saw others who were dissatisfied with Jorge so I commented because he turned out to be quite a jerk. Anyways again I’m not trying to start anything, just trying to get to the bottom of all this craziness, best of luck.

    • Maryland says:

      Infmioatron is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

    • hey thanks for sharing the lisa loeb song & caps, i really like cheesy '90s sentiment like that.yr look is just as nice, i like those patterns together and those color tones. 🙂

  10. Jorge says:

    you know what, I apologize to your girl and to you, but you had that coming for the comments left at Z1225 for me, when that’s is not even me. I give you a fair well thought review, whether you like it or not most of my comments are true, and what did you and your friends started trash talking first, I don’t like your design and I hope it doesn’t win, I mean that.
    But who said this first:
    I will call it quit if you do the same

    • alright guy you have me confused for someone else, I did not leave that comment, I only said that you are a prick, and I mean that. I listened to your critic and thoroughly went over it. Good luck finding your true hater, I am merely a defender of my work.

  11. Jorge says:

    I might reveal my project to you sometime, cute girl how much you pay her?

    • I think everyone here would love to see what kind of crap has been produced by a shithead like you. Be a real man, respect women and keep this between us to. Didn’t believe you could stoop this low. Hopefully after this competition when you realize your whole life is a fail you’ll move on to other competitions like “worlds smallest penis” or “biggest cocksucker in the universe” I’m sure you’ll do great. How bout you do both of us a favor and stop trolling everything.

  12. Jorge says:

    For you’re information my fellow haters, I am NOT THE DESIGNER OF “Z1225” So keep hating all you want, and for your info and your friends I get more action than all you nerds put toguether

  13. Jorge says:

    I don’t know why people are voting for this design when it doesn’t even makes sense, I think this is a design by a group of people who grew up in a gated community who think the world is white and their neighbors say “howdy doo” to each other. I analysed the complete board in order to respond, I’m not writing things randomly. Well lets analyse your introduction, your goal is to create food, and threat water for natural resources. It will create energy through solar and wind power, and most importantly shelter. And, there will more than one compound across all North America connected by a rail system. Ok time to critic.
    Let’s analysed your first diagram, safe house vs. safe town. Each figure represents 5 people, so a safe house can protect a small group, while a safe town can protect close to 10,000 people according to your diagram, well in order to protect 10,000 people you need to supply food for 10,000 people, water for 10,000 people, clothing for 10,000 people, condoms for at least 5,000 people because you don’t want 10,000 to become 20,000 in one year, and a escape plan for 10,000 people. I myself would rather find means of survival within a small group of people with family and friends than to live in an overcrowding, most likely dirty conditions with small portion meals and no means of good hygiene, (I’ll get to that).
    Next is your subway systems network, you claim that people will be safe by traveling to another compound in case of an attack, Well, answer me something, how can people have the time to create these tunnels that connect all of the US and Canada, even the Caribbean islands through underground tunnels, I don’t even think that our existing highways system can reach all of Canada like in your diagram, and is more of a joke when you put dots in the caribbean islands, and why not reach Mexico, what zombies took over the world but the US still keeps well organized border control, who will built these compounds if you don’t let Mexicans in LOL.
    Next is your Severity of Infection Map, why would there be any of these compounds if the severity in the US is low, why not get the military involved and they can take control of the situation. Lack of thought if you ask me, most of these compounds are in places where nothing has happened anyway.
    Now lets go to your nice Sustainability of a safe town diagram. Lets start with your photovoltaic panels, first of all, for maximum efficiency, the panels need to be at an angle directed perpendicular to the rays of the sun, if they’re flat well you won’t be producing enough energy to provide energy for buildings for 10,000 people and to operate your subway system. Then it moves to water tanks, that’s what they’re called not units, you’re putting water tanks on top of your buildings, well, think about this my friends, how much rain do we get a year? if the human race is dependent of rain water to support 10,000 people how much will we last. and I don’t understand why the buildings are elevated, people access them with a ramp.
    Then we got to the green, brown, and red boxes, the green is for greenhouse agriculture, which I believe is a fancy word for grain bins, so the green arrows mean that people collects food from the green houses and store them in these grain bins and then recycle the bad or leftovers as fertilizer, fair enough. But then we have the brown one that says processed organic waste, well if you don’t know what that means it means “SHIT” so basically shit is collected somehow in a big container then it is used as fertilizer for the farm in the greenhouses, which means people eat shit veggies, and well think of the smell of that. And well then is the red, waste into energy, i don’t understand how waste becomes energy, I get your solar and wind power but explain waste into energy, that’s just a made up thing to sound eco friendly, there’s no such thing.
    Finally you got your Renderings. Military, nice renderings, but how much time would it take to check every single person who enters the compound when there is a zombie war outside. In the presence of a military, you know who will run the compound right, the people with guns.
    Your “GREENHOUS DOMES”, don’t seem to be able to keep the infected outside, they got big openings, and they would smell like you know what is used to fertilize the food, and they don’t seem big enough to save 10,000 people from starvation. The designs of the Housing buildings seem that if I push them they would all collapse, and again you only show stacks of two, so how can there be enough living space for a town of 10,000 people. The Core Complex if the most un-attractive and boring in all the competition, is all glass building so if there is an outbreak, zombies will see people inside this building easily. Why boring, and ugly you may ask, well it looks like a corporate building for Mac, Walmart, or UMBRELLA why not. If that’s what design is for you, you’re in the wrong field. Water treatment, for there to be a water treatment facility there’s got to be water, with no water why do you want that.
    Things to think about these compound types, who will be the head of the compound, most likely the person with most money and he will most likely be the safest person there, overcrowding living conditions will be a problem, food supplies will be lacking, bringing crime, even thou there is a military presence doesn’t mean that they’re there to help. The presence of the Military will make the place feel like a concentration camp.
    And well keep voting for yourself, I bet you’re the only one doing it.

    • okay, now its my time to get involved because this hating needs to stop. First off, i do not live in a gated community, I can’t afford that luxury so don’t even bother making that assumption, and your interpretation of my “white world” is a real charmer, don’t know who shit in your food bowl today. Now on to your critique, I don’t understand why you cant grasp the idea of a town being able to fend for 10,000 people, the program asked for how many people can be saved? The idea is when civilization collapses you’re not going to want 5 people to help rebuild it. In this town setting you have a conglomerate of different people in different disciplines all coming together. Recap, in your mobile escape plan, you have your father and mother and sibling….and their professions are? If you have 10,000 people in an environment you’ll have pretty much every single profession involved.
      Subway systems are not fiction, most of them are established throughout the States,mass transit….what a crazy concept…seems a lot more reasonable than some projects whose main concept is flying around the earth picking up people if you ask me.
      Now the severity map, the reason the United States have a lower severity rate is DUE TO THE COMPOUNDS, hello? if people are in the compound they can’t be infected….whereas in other locations where there are no havens they are in critical condition, you say “why not get the military involved”….the military is stationed in each compound so i’m not following you there.
      On to sustainability, I don’t know what your discipline is but a diagram is a diagram. Short, simple concise, why would I angle the pv cells when technically speaking if you’re looking right at the building they would be angling behind the building so you would just see the very top, hence the straight line. “Shit” seriously? why can’t we be professional and actually write out its real name, I think we can handle that. Greenhouse domes, this concept has been around for years and no one complains about the smell, I suggest you look into before your ranting. If we wanted to explain every single detail about how the sustainability works we would have 10 boards, program called for 1 so in respect to the program we followed it.
      Military, every single piece of media involving zombies have screening centers, so again not seeing your point. As far as the people with the guns go, anyone can be trained with a gun….who wouldn’t want to learn especially in a time like this.
      Scale of greenhouses, look carefully there is a small boy in the picture, that should set the scale for you visually. Openings can be closed and zombies don’t just roam through there….there are walls surrounding the perimeter of the town. Last time i checked zombies don’t climb 15ft walls and with barracks located at the gates, where there are literally 3 per town the chances of zombies getting through are extremely slim. Your argument about power? That can be valid no matter the safe hold, it can be in a house or this town, there is no real way in preventing that. Overcrowding I don’t see as an issue especially with housing units set up the way they are. Your last bit about resources concerns a lack of them, the sustainability ideas we are using are out there and work, combine that with a mass transit system that can transport goods to one another there’s no reason this can’t work.

      Last time I checked, once you vote…you can’t vote again.
      I do respect your criticism and have thoroughly looked through all your points. If you have any more questions feel free to respond.

  14. CCT says:

    Not so safe!
    Who need schooling at the time you need to survive? Who’s going to run all these facilities? The Core Complex Design @ the entrance arch is a weak point! You are giving access to climb up!
    Good design but not safe place for me. I don’t think I will survive in this project

    • John says:

      All the buildings are surrounded by a wall system (seen in military, obviously they are not buildings sitting naked in a field), as far as schooling goes if you’re living there for 10 years you would hope to be schooled in how to operate the systems within so one day you can maintain the haven.

  15. Sandra says:

    This is exactly what those movies of resident evil tried doing, and we all know what happened, the military has never being able to keep the epidemic from spreading. so much thought for a short idea. We have seen on movies that if you try keeping zombies enclosed on a small area to stop their spreading they always fail, now imagine if you decide to keep humans secluded on small sections? if a zombie is able to scape, it will be able to get in. kudos on research, but the design is just not worth discussion.

    • slw says:

      Did you notice the underground subway system that connects the houses? In the event that a zombie got into one of the compounds, people could easily shut themselves off from an attack by taking shelter/traveling to another compound.

      • Sandra says:

        That is also from the resident evil movies. That is like a plan B, and a plan B is never so good to be a plan A, so then why keep it in mind in the first place? well still good luck. not much originality though.

      • slw says:

        It’s not derived from the Resident Evil movie(s). Any design could probably be related to a multitude of things that have already been done. As far as originality, I believe that the exemplification of sustainability is original in relation to surviving an infection (which is one of the most important issues our program addresses pretty clearly).

      • slw says:

        Thanks for the luck though, if you have a design entered I wish you luck also.

  16. Thomas says:

    This is one of the best one i have seen so far… nice job.

  17. jorge says:

    This looks like the design of an engineer in corporate world America

  18. dz says:

    smell like university. it’s extremely boring and unattractive

    • John says:

      I think its an excellent project, I would love to hear your explanation of why its unattractive.

      • dz says:

        the graphics are just sucking. they look stealed by some “command and conquer” bunch of 3d models.
        no wonder i’m not even compelled to read all the boring parts of texts.
        especially because they look like the repeated lesson of the first of the class
        zombie mobility: “bla bla bla bla” well who gives a fuck..

        that smells like an universitary excercise will lot of guys forced to be serious and to spend a lot of time for producing something that “makes sense” but is awesomely boring and unappealing.

        was i clear?

    • actually you are not clear, you’re grammar is pretty terrible and makes your statement illegible, so what if i’m still a student? Your grammar makes me think you should go back to school.

  19. Jorge says:

    I like how it resembles a big shopping mall with, oh but it uses green technology +++.
    I also like how the US is not in great danger of zombies, so I guess the military could sustain the epidemic, so I guess I would be safe if I live in Chicago according to your map since Critical contamination is spread in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

  20. Kris Pomilla says:

    Wow It makes sense and come together very nicely

  21. John says:

    This project is definitely thinking out side of the box. I LOVE IT!

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