1. pandasondrugs says:

    A downward facing flamethrower to burn off hanging zombies is an idea. Because once you ditch the landing gear, landing becomes harder to safely do without damage. If you have to ditch asection next time you take off, there goes fuel and waste management…then your armoury and your fish and chicken supply…then water, battery and the bathroom and food storage. after that there isn’t a section to sacrifice. just you and a balloon. if you get lucky, maybe you remembered to tie a chair to the balloon cable and grab a gun. I think someone watched Up! and a zombie movie one afternoon.

  2. Seraph says:

    modular design won’t really work because every module is essential. how long would u survive after jettisoning the fuel module?

  3. Frank West says:

    Wait, why does the design label the legs as “landing gear” when the diagram at the bottom clearly shows the landing gear (along with the flamethrowers and waste collection) as being jettisoned to dispose of zombies?!

  4. z1091 says:

    Nice idea 🙂 cool images.

  5. ntpc says:

    This balloon is too small to even make a person float…you need larger balloons! It won’t fly at all!!

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