1. Elle The BunkerGirl says:

    That looks great! You also put a lot of thought and consideration into building a self-sustaining “community” within the Diefenbunker compound. Good for you for looking at all aspects of not only saving lives but for maintaining life within the confinements. And of course, for having a plan B, and Emergency Preparedness Plan , which is what the Bunker was all about. Kudos to you both Christopher and Allison.

  2. paulshelton says:

    Wow. Best i have seen and i have been through nearly all of them. I love how it is realistic not just some make believe thing. Also you have planned for the scenario of being over run even though it is very unlikely. The thing i lkie most though is the thought on the positioning of the base to use the weather to your advantage.

  3. Tx903 says:

    Hey is there a link to a high res copy anywhere or could you email me a copy.


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