1. Sylvan says:

    If Zaha Hadid had zombie nightmares…

  2. A.C. says:

    I never wrote the comment bellow. I am the real user of the Z1225. wow can’t believe some people are willing to go to this extreme. As you see below i wrote from the beginning i loved your design.

    Sorry if some ignorant user has made that comment up.

    • Brennen says:

      Some people are ignorant! No worries A.C. Apparently we were thinking alike. Your design is beastly!!! Hell Yeah!!!!!! I had to give you a thumbs up!!!

      This is supposed to be gory fun…I am sure whoever wins will have 1000 + votes via there 1 million facebook friends… haha

      Oh well…fun designing something new for a change!

      – User 1327

  3. Z1225 says:

    What the hell is this, you stole my design: https://zombiesafehouse.wordpress.com/z1225/
    mines doesnt suck like yours

  4. Sandra says:

    in comparison to most projects around this competition, this is the first one i see that actually seems to show a good idea. Keep moving, create your own shelter, use the vehicle as a weapon. With a zombie attack a shelter that stays in one location becomes a sitting duck. nice job.

    • Matt says:

      Finally…some GORE!!!!!!

      With all these entries I find none that have given the bloody image I wanted to see accept this!

      The idea behind the mobility and stationary aspect of the design also works well!

  5. A. C. says:

    Love this design, great idea.

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