1. Domingo Elias says:

    Liar liar pants on fire!

  2. jim says:

    i smell a cheater i think someone has found out how to vote for themselves i think someone should look in to this cause this project sucks

  3. Jorge says:

    How can you got 1023 votes in 3 hours?

  4. huh? says:

    I truly don’t get it, can some who does explain it to me cause I don’t think the boards do it at all!!

  5. Mike coughlin says:

    Even if zombies could float or swim, one would assume that each level in the tiered layout would be substantially higher then the one below it; so if one level was somehow breached, it would take some great and marvelous feat to reach the next level. So zombies would be essentially trapped in the water until they “died” due to drowning, lack of food or the virus killed them completely. The ladder to the top of the uppermost housing (vigilante tree house) appears to be overkill and unnecessary, but probably wouldn’t be hard to implement. Still: Simple, Effective, Awesome!

  6. terry hecht says:

    needs retractable ladder to top, and how do we know zombies don’t float? might make them good swimmers

  7. Mike coughlin says:

    GENIUS! SERIOUSLY. I agree with Bill Huntley, people will completely overlook this. The ONLY thing i would worry about is if for some reason your wall was breached, the water supply on the bottom level would save you, but then all your water would be contaminated. I would consider some way to be able to divide water chambers in the event of a possible breach. Brilliant and Well done!

  8. Bill Huntley says:

    It took me a minute to get this one. I thought it was just a trailer park. I was about to click thumbs down when I looked closely and got it. Pure genius! I am still chuckling at the overall design. I am just worried that your idea is presented so subtly that a lot of people won’t get it without taking the time to really look. Outstanding job.

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