1. It’s the end of the world it’s more than likely not going to be delightful.. and with dead people walking around it probably won’t smell very delightful in the first place? Wow!

  2. Sylvan says:

    Tesla Coils! Cool. But seriously you do need more farm land and other things…

  3. Vic says:

    you collect fresh water and waste its pumped down the river…mmm…not good idea.
    You will need a great wastewater treatment to use water from a river that everyone its pumping the waste down it.

  4. CSJ says:

    Its built on top of a hydro electric dam on the Mississippi River. The Tesla coils Deliver a high voltage shock which zaps and thereby destroys the brain of the zombie.

  5. Wittlica says:

    How are you generating this much power constantly and how is this destroying the z’s? Wouldn’t they have to be burned to a crisp to stop moving? I’m sure that’s a delightful smell.

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