1. gary says:

    do you have this in bigger print ? it’s hard to read

  2. pandasondrugs says:

    ok, i live in an area where the watertowers and that big. tall yes but not this wide. It is really a water tank on legs.

  3. Really like the graphic presentation. The proposal probably does need more farmland, but great use of existing infrastructure.

  4. Sylvan says:

    More farmland please.

  5. guest505 says:

    yes, why do all the entries have such low resolution that we can’t see the text!

  6. Z1474 says:

    Text from the Presentation:

    This safe house makes use of an existing urban fortress – the water tower. With thick, smooth concrete walls and almost no openings, the water tower is ideal for holding off the undead indefinitely. With modest alterations this safe house is designed to withstand a class 3 zombie outbreak, housing up to 6 survivors long-term in a self sufficient stronghold.

    The water tower is located on the outskirts of suburbia, where zombie numbers are likely to be lower. The existing tower is at the top of a steep hill, cleared of vegetation all around and surrounded by a 10ft chain link fence providing a secure outer perimeter. Importantly there are no external signs of the safe house within the water tower. This will reduce the chance of zombies (or other desperate survivors) seeing the occupants and trying to get in!

    When inevitably the safe house is discovered, there are multiple defensive zones to give secondary defensive positions. In the desperate event where the zombies could be not be held back and a full breech occurs there is a final emergency escape – hang gliding off the roof to safety. Supply and equipment packs kept at the top of the tower allow a rapid and prepared get-away, flying across the valley to relative safety.


    ROOF TERRACE: Garden / Escape Platform
    Roof garden for growing fruit and vegetables. Outdoor exercise and relaxation area. Escape platform for hang-gliders. Walled on all sides so hidden from view.

    PLAN 6: Water supply / Technical Equipment
    Fresh rainwater is collected from the curved roof and held in the original tank after filtering. Hot water supplied from solar tubes. Electricity from solar cells stored in battery bank. Backup diesel generator in sound proofed room. Emergency escape packs on exit path to roof.

    PLAN 5: Armoury / Comms / Workshop
    Communications room to contact other survivors. Armoury of weapons to fight the undead and workshop to prepare equipment. Sound proofed to keep workshop noise quiet.

    PLAN 4: Gym / Training / Lookout
    Main activity level where occupants can keep a 360° lookout around the water tower and do daily physical / combat training.

    PLAN 3: Kitchen / Living Level
    Kitchen and relaxation area for all 6 occupants. Large food supply storage area.

    PLAN 2: Sleeping / Bathroom Level
    Sleeping quarters for all 6 occupants. Sound insulated to block out the constant moaning of the undead. Steel manhole hatch isolating from plan 2 below.

    PLAN 1: Security Air-lock Level
    Steel manhole hatch isolating from entrance level below. Retractable ladder access to plan 2.

    PLAN E: Secure Entrance Level
    Old water control station with no visual signs of safe house above. Retractable ladder access to plan 1.

    COVERT TUNNEL: Main Access
    New tunnel for access in and out of tower. Steel isolation door halfway in case of breech. Tunnel exit with steel hatch complete with lookout periscope.

    Thank you for your vote!!
    Best regards,

  7. fagatini says:

    bigger version please. can’t read the text.

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