1. Kitten Smooch says:

    Great idea for soldiers on short term missions or for “lone rangers”. Great work!

  2. z1680 says:

    My very first idea was exactly the same (I even have a sketch of it named ‘gyroscope-type house’) 🙂 but I gave up the idea, because didn’t know how to solve the problem:
    If your sphere rolls because of your movement inside, it also should roll because of zombie movement outside! If there are only few zombies of course you will smash them, but what if 300 zombies decide to play soccer with your house, how will you stop them? 🙂

    • z1256 says:

      That’s a good point. I also wonder what would happen if it rolled into a sunken garden and couldn’t get out other than by getting out of the sphere itself? Despite this i think this is a great entry. very simple and nice presentation.

      oh and the sphere I guess would be horribly out of balance with different weights at different points of the surface. it would roll in odd ways.

      thumbs up though

    • Calle says:

      Combine “Motion ball-z” with “artic tundra lab” ( http://inhabitat.com/inflatable-research-lab-rolls-across-the-arctic-tundra/ ) and instead of air, fill some of the containers with water (more mass) and build a pumping system, so that you can control weight distribution or even make it move by filling containers on the side you want to go and emptying behind you.

      I have too much freetime 🙂

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