1. Malinda says:

    I’m not wothry to be in the same forum. ROTFL

  2. Chester says:

    I find this project well thought out, with its attention to details (e.g. oil slick walls and escape vessels and layers of protection) refreshing. The location of said safehouse as a seaport within an urban setting could provide shelter to many refugees fleeting the city.

  3. Roger Cooper says:

    Nevermind the vote I still think this one is a great design idea and lovely presentation!

    Rog (z1317)

  4. Kitten Smooch says:

    This runs right along the lines of what I had in mind. Love it…easy, fast, no new construction needed. Great starter fort:)

  5. andrepreza says:

    I really like this one. Seem so much more realistic than most projects in here. Cheap, and fast to assemble, providing food, shelter, and easy escape routes for most scenarios. The main problem I find in this is, even though each unit could provide for a considerable number of survivors, not many units can be done, except for large cities.
    Still, my favourite so far.

  6. J. Austin Fleming says:

    considering you went through the trouble of explaining so much, i wish i could read all the text. looks like a great project, mind emailing me a larger version?

  7. Roger Cooper says:

    This one makes a lot of sense! Really nice presentation too!

  8. z1256 says:

    great graphics, shame you can’t read a lot of it like my own. though it looks well thought out.

  9. One of my favourites. I like the way the living accommodation is actually on the top of the gantry for extra protection.

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