1. Coralie says:

    Deep thought! Thanks for cogttiburinn.

  2. […] année le concours a reçu beaucoup plus de candidatures et notamment une tour Effeil transformée en éolienne géante. Vous pouvez retrouver les autres propositions sur leur […]

  3. […] Eiffel Tower adapts to provide all basic human needs with a wind turbine, rain water collection, vertical […]

  4. […] of options to keep those pesky zombies at bay, including Ikea’s zombie furniture line, prestigious addresses, and even zombie based […]

  5. Shortcode says:

    Great design! Wind power, rain collection. Perfect. Only, what if it doesn’t rain for awhile. You might consider some sort of liquid waste collection and purification to help get past the dry spells. And put another large windmill on the opposite side for wind direction adjustments. Then again, tossing this all together during a Zombie outbreak would be a feat in itself! A thumbs up!!!

  6. firewolf says:

    I don’t want to go to France to trade one type of Zombie for another.


  7. meems says:

    A great solution of preserving life from the walking dead through French architecture. Eiffel would be proud of you!

  8. Archipunks says:

    BEWARE! This design will make Eiffel himself so angry, that he would raise from the dead and destroy it! BEWARE! He is such a tough engineer!

    • dz says:

      ahah it would be remembered as the first zombie engineer

    • Jorge says:

      I disagree with you, I think Eiffel would be proud that his structure serves a purpose other than being a large scale radio transmitter. And if you know its history, the people of France hated the Eiffel tower when it was completed, the only reason it got popular was because tourist founded astonishing for its large scale. Eiffel even went to proposed a larger scale of the tower in Chicago for the World Fair in 1893, but it was rejected. In short words, Eiffel would appreciate his work being used as a source of last hope.

      • Archipunks says:

        but then Eiffel made the structural design for the Statue of Liberty, which is also featured here as a zombie safe monument, making him even more frustrated…

  9. dz says:


  10. Mike Zhu says:

    Nice design, but only filtration for water is not enough. lol

  11. Tim says:

    Rubber stoppers it says in the description

  12. Grull says:

    i sort of like the presentation, but anything with a famous landmark makes me wary. Also, how do you electrify just the legs and not the entire structure and emergency zipline?

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