1. RAD says:

    I think its great and the people who dislike it clearly have no sense of architectural design. EPIC

  2. Andy Christoforou says:

    This is so stupid, why safe some when you can save the country

    Check mine out and you can save humanity

  3. Kitten Smooch says:

    Beautiful design. A little concerned about the turbine blades though. If one of the kids decided to go for a swim…

  4. don says:


    where have you seen terrain with such precise sloping? UNreal!

    oh, and what’s “stylish” about this unit?

  5. The comments below are not mine. someone is trying to frame me. I already took it to the people in charge.

  6. this is so stupid, its a submarine that is stuck in lake michigan? that will never work idiot.
    atleast in mine you can drive anywhere and run zombies over

  7. Z1626 says:

    Great Work!!! Good luck

  8. CCT says:

    Basically, it’s a boat with a skylight!

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