1. Submitting a specific size was not part of the rules ! There were only “suggested” dimensions. TI have seen this entry full size and it is brilliant ! It’s a shame that all of the posters have been scaled down so much because the truth is you can hardly read a thing on ANY of the boards.

    • snd says:

      Lee I agree, you guys are welcome to provide a link to a high resolution file if necessary, or resubmit something that can read online.

  2. Bad Ash says:

    Can’t see a damn thing in this one. The image has been scaled down to small to be able to read the text or see the detail.

    • snd says:

      Agree. Part of the rules were to submit a specific size. This is a good example of one of the designs that did not follow those rule, but we felt it should be posted any way. If time allows we will work through the ones that are hard to read.

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