1. nevermind says:

    I don’t think the structure would work at all. each structural tube has a massive bending moment and because the house is suspended, no pole can push against any other.structure is in tension and would fall down. The turbine needs air flow to work. its impossible to get all the energy out of wind and i think the best is around 54%. air that goes in comes out slower because of the energy loss. If no wind can get past then the wind will stop blowing or take a route around the turbine.

  2. brandon5228 says:

    Really nice concept, and structurally the supports would actually work, unlike some impossible designs. It may be too small, although I don’t know what your intended occupancy is. Also, I feel like the turbine could be better located/have two of them. Still, good job.

  3. Z1006 says:

    Very nice design.

    • Zman says:

      Nice design. My only concern would be that the amount of smoke and air pollution might make reduce the solar panel effectiveness. Also, the small size might lead to dangerous cabin fever.

  4. k says:

    One of the few smart proposals, that makes sense 🙂

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