1. Chris Lane says:

    This is an epic design – is outside the box but most importantly is realistic in concept which is essential if you are to survive zombi apocalypse. Well constructed and thoughtful design linking form and function.


  2. michelle says:

    love it!!

  3. Fraz says:

    Rather than designing a space that hides away from the zombies,
    it utilizes the key features about zombies.
    Check it out, in detail at: redmeet.net

    • Hi Fraz,

      I was wondering how you actually extract electrical power from the zombies themselves – it is an intriguing idea, as we also considered the zombies themselves as a limitless supply of energy, in our case, we used an existing concept using mycelium found in mushrooms to convert organic matter (in our case, zombie organic tissue) and distilled the fungal sugars into a bio-diesel.

      Also, I really wanted to see what the internal layout of the vehicle looked like!

      Best wishes,

      – J

  4. Tarek says:

    This is a safe house competition!

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