Download the 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition and staple it to something (and send us a pic at

The response from many bloggers has been nothing short of overwhelming.  For that reason we are adding our favorite posts here:

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One of the first websites to post our competition was Bustler and Archinect, both pages we frequent and enjoy on a regular basis.  When this competition went online we knew we were not the only people concerned with the topic.

“…The threat of mankind by the undead is a topic that has been neglected by architectural design for too long. The happier we are that the 2010 Zombie Safe House Competition is finally tackeling this important issue. The spatial program was as challenging as the zombie threat itself: weapons storage, chemical storage, holding cell, quarantine showers — all leading up to the most essential design task: How will you keep zombies out of your safe house?

Deadline (or shall we say…undeadline)(


By far the most referrals came from the guys at
“A fanciful zombie safe house on the river (referring to the winning entry) (Read more at


The blog Oh My God! Ninja had one of the most creative write ups (plus we love the name of that blog, do I smell another competition?):

“Is it Wrong to Wish for a Zombie Apocalypse?”

“…the apocalypse will be nothing short of BAD ASS! ”

“… It’s this kind of inspiration and imagination that makes me secretly hope that a zombie apocalypse is in the near future.” (Read more at:”

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Blastr was one of the many blogs that provided interpretation and provided a steady stream of followers, here is their write up:

“A real-deal architectural firm is holding a contest to see who can design the most effective residence for surviving the undead apocalypse…”

…a floating refuge, a mountain hideout, a skyscraper-y fort and the residential equivalent of a turtle shell.”

“…There doesn’t seem to be a prize for winning this competition, beyond Internet-wide recognition and the comforting knowledge that when the inevitable zombie cataclysm happens, you’ll have a head start on surviving it. (Read more at”


We thought Apartment Therapy provided a unique twist as well:

“When you’re shopping for a new home, what do you look for? A good neighborhood, a newly remodeled kitchen, a 4-inch titanium plate shell with HEPA filter air supply holes to protect you from the zombie apocalypse? The first annual “Zombie Safe House Competition” presents four aspiring designers’ conceptual shelters, each of them equipped to withstand an attack from the undead… (Read more at”


The folks at ING Movies apparently have a similar passion for zombies as we do:

“Admit it — you’ve spent many a night lying in bed dreaming of the coming zombie holocaust and how you will be one of the only humans smart and able enough to survive… Oh, you haven’t? That was just us then?”  (Read More at


“Safe House Designed by the Professions” quoting the cool blog

“…How great would it be to have a zombie safe house designed by an architect, with all of the bells and whistles for the ultimate defense built it?  Well fellow survivors, that is not too far of a stretch of the imagination. (Read More at”


We could keep going forever on our favorite quotes from blogs, but brought it home for us.

“…When the zombie apocalypse hits, you are going to need more than some granola bars and bottled water.  You are going to need a place to hide out.  Architects Southwest has you covered. (Read more at