1. […] of honourable mention from 2011 competition, in keeping with our NYC […]

  2. […] That’s where the Zombie Safe House competition comes in. Architects and designers from across the globe have submitted their ideas for what makes the perfect place to ride out the zompocalpse. The winner this year was a portable armoured shelter, but there’s plenty of variety on offer, from retasked oil silos to Dead Reckoning-style mobile fortresses. My personal favourite has to be the genius idea to turn the Statue Of Liberty into an island stronghold, complete with a beacon of hope to summon any stray … […]

  3. […] per azionare i generatori. Sempre per la categoria “monumenti nazionali resi utili”: la Statua della Libertà versione bunker. E poi: case sommergibili. Case sopraelevate. Case-mongolfiera… Insomma, perdonatemi il cheap […]

  4. Mike says:

    This is he perfect site! My favorite part is the “beacon of hope”, major points.

  5. my brain says:

    What did u design?

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