1. […] secondo è invece Z-rated, dove gli autori sono andati davvero oltre ogni immaginazione presentando il loro progetto sotto […]

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  3. k says:

    This was so amazing, I hardly know what to praise first. The ads – the app, the Audi – fantastic. Zombie running as a sport, zombie hunting legalized and protested (“Zombies are people, too.), zombie-focused reality tv, oh and can’t forget zombie-generated mushrooms — I can’t stop laughing. Seriously funny, creative, a bit nuts and nice pics! The IEAK involvement, price guide, and large ads – I am speechless at your brilliance. Really. My printer is not hooked up. I am going to have to get it, hook it up, make sure it works and print this out so I can show the ‘magazine’ to all my friends. Super thumbs up!

  4. […] design competition has a number of options to keep those pesky zombies at bay, including Ikea’s zombie furniture line, prestigious addresses, and even zombie based […]

  5. The family that sleeps on the same time dies at the same time. If at least one person is awake at all times, each member can rotate through a watch shift while the other 2 or 3 live out their normal lives.
    Always have someone on watch until the threat is over.

  6. Cameron says:

    This one HAS to win, or we are all doomed!

  7. dz says:

    the ikea like promotion is awesome!
    unfortunately it’s too blended down. it would be much cooler if the piece of furniture could result in weapons against the zombie attack

  8. lovely… good old #SSoA graduates. Political and fun.

  9. Rob T says:

    freakin’ awesome

  10. Andy says:

    This just immense. Guernsey Shore 🙂

  11. Katie says:

    Love everything about this… awesome detail… great work guys!

  12. Peter says:

    Brilliant Work…:D… Love it…:D…

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