1. Blueman says:

    Oh and the “truth says” guy, very big words for a website like this, dont use them for someone which has a valuable point, i still laughed though, funny comment

  2. Anon says:

    Wow. The description for this entry is so full of crap, I can’t even breath right this second. It’s nothing but copypasta Jargon terms. I’d cite where this guy ripped it all from, but it’d take up a whole page.

    Just a thought: Does anyone else think this looks familiar? Like maybe it was ripped from an HGTV special?

  3. guy says:

    but youre right. that guy is a tool.

  4. guy says:

    yea. nice design but u need to consider the about the idea of survival too. who says we need entries to comment here. Come on. if you cant accept criticism then don’t compete with others. COS YOURE THE BEST.

  5. what a tool says:

    hey man where’s YOUR entry? big words no game

  6. The slow painful death of Architecture as above says:

    I see there is no structure to the glass roof in the atrium and would expect that to either break or deflect once zombies in great quantities find their way on to the roof using other zombies to clamber on. Failing that, the lack of drainage with that roof and the occurance of ivy is without doubt going to let water into the building. As the z’s get onto the roof they will cover the solar panels which i assume are on the roof given that there is no indication of where they are. when that happens, no sun means no power and combined with a leaking house will not lead to an harmonious environment but rather a stench filled, TB infested house in which the inhabitants would rather take their chances with the zombies than admire the aesthetic intent. Camouflaged or not, zombies do not think and the ‘safe room’ is perhaps the least safe place in the design as they will randomly find the secret exits and by chance will be there when you leave.

    I really hope this entry has been copied from another design from uni rather than entirely for the zshc. I say that because this entry is great example of a nice graphic with little thought and if this a design entirely for zshc then this is a tragedy for architecture. Don’t get me wrong, the graphic is lovely and as a stand alone piece of architecture then this is promising but seeing as this is a competition for a z safe house, i question any thought process that has gone into this idea. I suggest putting down the archi dictionary and focus on what it’s important in architecture, which in this case is probably not the vernacular or the preservation of lineament.

    ps. untick hyphenation in Photoshop.

    pps you misspelled university in Mississippi State University.

    • what a tool says:

      hey man where’s YOUR entry? big words no game

    • the truth says:

      I see the guy above is upset because you forgot to include a room solely designed for masturbating to gay cat porn. This room should include a large magnifying glass so that he can find his incredibly small penis first. Don’t forget a large supply of charmin extra soft toilet paper because his tender delicate penis chafes easily because of his compulsive need to masturbate ( to gay cat porn of course). Also there should be a way for him to kill himself because we all know he really wants to deep down in there. You’ve got the courage guy just pull the trigger, do the world a favor. Seriously why are you still reading this, go find a gun, load it first, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger. Dude you’re still reading, go kill yourself and quit reading.

      ps. you have this much free time on your hands? Shouldn’t you be looking for your dick in a garbage can somewhere?

      pps. who writes pps? Faggot.

      • Blueman says:

        It actually is a very interesting idea but the design does have a lot of problems, and the slow and painfull death of architecture seems that he is right in a lot of things

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