1. Jason says:

    Dams require tons of maintenance to stay up and running and constanly need maintenance to ensure leaks and the structural integrety are not compromised. This option would work for a at most 5 to 10 years till the dam fails from neglect but if there is a dam failure your are facing certain death.

  2. Shortcode says:

    So far, this is where I would want to live. Perfect for all things. Water, electricity, fish, food, cleanliness, waste disposal, and most of all protection. Realistic in design and possibility. Kudos, how much is a unit in this thing? I’d love to get on the waiting list, and I am ready to write a check for the deposit.

    • zombified says:

      “realistic in design” don’t kid yourself, how would you construct this in the middle of a high speed river?! Good Ideas here, but that isn’t one of them

      • Shortcode says:

        First of all, the dam prevents the water from moving at high speeds when the gates are closed (one of the many purposes of a dam is to create kinetic energy that is released at a higher rate in a funnel type operation to speed the flow of the water to other irrigation facilities). Then the main construction is built just like a bridge is built in the middle of a river/lake. The concrete construction is taken care of on dry land and laid out in form of the shape you desire (it would need to be a lot deeper than pictured, but alas, these are only concepts not blueprints). Then you open the gates going out to mostly dry the area around the concrete design, seal the seams to stop any residual flow, then begin the construction of the foundation of the buildings. I could go on, but I assume the idea is gotten. This design would be most reliable to be constructed previous to a zombie outbreak. Some dam centers have a similar design (a little smaller in construction and without a large building) that allows the operation of hydro-electric turbines and any maintenance that is involved.
        I stand by my statement. Realistic, reliable, and safe!!!

      • Charli says:

        Um… the same way they currently build dams?

      • Clarinda says:

        I love these arcsltei. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

    • ozzy says:

      Think about how dams are made in a high speed river in the first place. You are clearly not a civil engineer.

  3. Kitten Smooch says:

    Love it! Very functional and the marketplace doesn’t have to shut down on “zombie days”. Great sustainability. Using a dam for safety and electricity…excellent idea!

  4. z1256 says:

    a lot like my own but with better graphics.

  5. Jeff Herman says:

    Pretty good in a “safe from zombies” kind of way… and of course there’s the abundant water and power… but it might be tough getting any sleep with all the noise from the water. Also, you need some railing installed along the walkways.

  6. andrepreza says:

    Well, this is a good idea. but somehow it is kind of plain, and boring.

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