1. Agne says:

    Wow Alina! Fair play to you..! Well done! Fingers crossed .. 😉

  2. Methane gas is a very useful fossil fuel and in such a scenario i do not think anyone in such a fortress slash composting unit would run out of energy resources anytime soon ? It is just the amount of time that so many corpses would take to break down ?


  3. God says:

    Do the float..?

  4. Eugene says:

    Can you imagine the smell?

  5. cesar says:

    WTF?? Like as Hypercube is are a 4th/5th Dimension; also is exactly perfect!

  6. k says:

    Query : What is a tambour?

    • z1680 says:

      It is an intermediate space between entrance and living area, common in northern regions in order to separate warm indoor and cold outdoor air. Maybe it better to say ‘hallway’ or ‘corridor’ or smth like this, sorry for my english 🙂

  7. k says:

    A bar and a strip club…all fun and games until someone gets plastered and falls/ argues with jealous mate and “falls” off of sky bridge. Very interesting all the way around. 😀

    • z1680 says:

      🙂 you have just revealed another purpose of Zombie Resistant Town: it preserves not only from zombies but also from drunkenness and adultery 🙂 every man in the town should know how does he risk being bad to his wife 🙂

  8. Well presented – you have a good idea for graphic communication.

    (From entry Z1251)

  9. Z1006 says:

    I liked this project!

    The million Dollar question:
    walking Zombies or running Zombies?

  10. cmrd says:

    Nice diagrams! pretty funny, but cool

  11. Creative review says:

    The idea is unique but you will only survive for 6 hours then you need to runaway. Imagine in a case of 1000 zombie!

    • z1680 says:

      1000 is not a problem, look:

      The outer platform operates cyclically (down-dump-up-down-dump-up-down-…..), the process is possible till the dump hole is full of zombies (volume of the hole is 575 cubic m, volume needed for one zombie is about 0.35 cubic m, so capacity of the hole is more than 1600 zombies).
      The scheme in the middle of the presentation is a plan of ‘zombie resistant town’, there are 400 houses i.e. 400 dump holes (400×1600=640000), so only dwelling area of the town is able to ‘swallow’ 640000 zombies!
      But there are also 12 public buildings (each of them is 4 times bigger than a dwelling house, so capacity of 12 dump holes is:1600x4x12=76800 zombies) and the main building – citadel (16 times bigger than a dwelling house, capacity: 16×1600=25600 ‘swallowed’ zombies) it can fit all inhabitants in case of emergency.
      While inhabitants are safe in the citadel, zombies are putrefying in dump holes and producing energy 🙂 Finally inhabitants come back to their houses and are ready for further zombie attacks!

      Thank you for making me calculate all this 🙂

  12. Monika says:

    Alina, as uz tave!

  13. z1680 says:

    Description of the project (brown text on the left side):

    Zombie is too slow and stupid to be an equal human’s opponent. It can be easily eliminated even with a primitive weapon. But human is almost powerless against massive zombie attack: the larger is number of zombies, the lower is chance to survive (Inverse relationship)
    The only way to withstand massive zombie attack is to convert their superiority against themselves: the lager is number of zombies, the larger is chance to survive (Direct relationship)

    Idea of direct relationship: to create a house which is able to react to outdoor situation and provide different level of safety according to the scale of danger (number of zombies):

    (red texts on the scheme):
    low number of zombies – low level of safety
    medium number of zombies – medium level of safety
    high number of zombies – high level of safety

    (text under the scheme):
    Operating principle: thick and stable walls of the house operate not only as a barrier for zombies but also as an elevator shaft for living (inner) platform which is connected to counterweight – outer platform:
    1. When only few zombies are approaching the house, both inner and outer platforms are of the same weight and balancing at the same level
    2. The more zombies are gathering by the house the harder outer platform is, what makes it go down while inner platform goes up
    3. When outer platform reaches the lowest point but the weight of zombies is still pushing it down, the platform operates as a valve: zombies are falling down into the waste hole while residents are escaping at the highest point. When outer platform is free from zombies, it returns to it’s original position (as well as inner one) and house is ready for further zombie attack
    Because of the ability to recover after massive zombie attack, house can be used for permanent living, what requires much wider spectrum of facilities (education, recreation, health care, etc)

    Zombie resistant town is divided into two levels: lower part is occupied by zombies while people live 9 m (about 30ft) above the ground

    Explication: 1.citadel – the safest place in the town, can fit all inhabitants in case of emergency, well connected with all parts of the town, 2.church, 3.hospital, 4.pharmacy, 5.fitness centre, 6.school, 7.kindergarten, 8.food store, 9.dress-making shop, 10.wash-house, 11.cinema, 12.bar, 13.strip club, 14.dwelling block, 15.recreation area, 16.agriculture farming area. All these elements are connected by sky bridges

    • Clint says:

      only immediate flaw I see is that the interconnected upper walk ways need some way to be segregated from the rest in case a bitten human makes it inside and then turns.. all sections of your city should have some ability to quarantine itself fromt he others.

    • Mahalia says:

      Hi Bar,eynI’m entirely new to SVG (sadly, I know) and I was wondering if you could should me an example of coverting an SVG image to PNG using the built-in libraries of CF8.Thanks a milion.

  14. Karolis says:

    Gerbiamoji, būsite mūsų artėjančios apokalipsės herojus, šaunuolė;)

  15. Aleksandr Mirgorodskij says:


  16. Agne Kazlauskiene says:

    Nice 🙂

  17. Dovile Jakaite says:

    idomiai cia..

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