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  2. grullo says:

    This is a nice design- it seems that it would be possible to use this as a primary home, not just an emergency safe house. Thus, you would not have to make the journey come the outbreak, but would already be safe at the start, especially useful if there is little to no advance warning. I would have put a bit more storage space (the small garden is probably not sufficient for the food supply of most people, and what would be burned in that fireplace?) and instead of the stairwell for emergency escape, i would have used a zipline to an anchored boat, to avoid so much digging. But these are just minor things. Good job!

  3. matt j. says:

    Look.Out.House is a two-bed, one-bath home for the man with a plan. Sited in the cliffs along the Tennessee River, it provides occupants with a scenic view of the landscape and a perfect spot to survey any trouble in the event of danger. Under the most foreseeable hardships of the impending zombie apocalypse, the occupants of the home should be able to sustain a fairly modern lifestyle with very little sacrifice.

    The roof of Look.Out.House features a garden, a rainwater collector, cistern, and purifier, along with an array of solar panels – enough to sustain both the home and its inhabitants. Designed in a manner consistent with modern-living principles and demands, the zombie apocalypse will seem like a nothing more than a Hollywood film for which one just happens to have luxurious skybox seating.

    Look.Out.House is equipped with a drawbridge – a sculptural gesture of entry and security in one – which extends over the infinity-edge moat and then draws up neatly into the concrete entry stair, holding trouble at bay with the nuance and simplicity of closure. Nestled into the interior mass of the concrete entry stair lies a built-in weapons arsenal.

    For everyday living, the home boasts clean and simple lines of built-in storage and a spacious open floor plan. Around the rear of the fireplace one may find the entry to the escape stairwell, which leads directly to the subterranean boat canal. Secured by a steel gate, the boat canal opens into the Tennessee River, which makes its way to the Gulf of Mexico and the open seas beyond.

    • Jorge says:


      I think that most of the entries in this competition tried to hard to make something really work, or look cool, or just show how well they did their research. This one didn’t, the designer kept it simple and clean. In my opinion is what the competition was all about, designing a simple safe house which could be build for the survival of the living death. I read Max Brooks book, and if most people would of read it, you would find out that you don’t need a safe compound surrounded by military to survive, you only need the basics, shelter free of zombies, arsenal, which means maybe guns, or some riffles, not the US Army, a good spot with an escape route, and some energy source.
      I appreciate the exploded axon its pretty good, and I love the layering of the3D model in both wireframe and hidden lines. It’s a technique I personally like to do, I tend to make the hidden layer a little bit darker lineweight, but I guess for the scale of the drawing that works. The axon also gives you a good sense of the living quarters, one thing you could of done is to make the little people in black or grey so they would stand out more.
      The section is as provocative as the exploded axon, and again the 3D wireframe under the hidden layer looks great. One thing I don’t understand, why do you have a rain collector, when its next to a river, is it just so the fire place heats the water, and cleans it?
      Well it’s a great project over all.

  4. Matt T. says:

    This is a completely objective review but this may just be the best one on the site by far!

  5. Dane Neer says:

    love the stairs as a rotated box, a nice gesture in such an orthogonal/rectilinear building

  6. Survive the zombie apocalypse… and win a Pritzker!

  7. Mavis Roux says:

    Zombie House – hmm — would also make a great elderly abode!

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