1. i want to read the copy on it and keep this on my wall. how can i get a poster of this?

  2. Jorge says:

    These things are so cool, you did a great job modeling and rendering these ZeRADs, great idea also, perfect for quick evacuations. This project I believe represents how corrupt the public voting system is, this one should have over 6000 votes instead of a stupid bird house on a cliff.
    I hope you get 1st Place

    • kafand says:

      I don’t know which one the “bird house on a cliff” is…but wow….thanks for the encouragement!

      Well, public voting is public voting. There is also the judges 🙂

  3. kafand says:

    170 thumbs-down in less than a day?
    Wow, some people are pretty motivated 🙂

  4. Creative review says:

    This one is going to win!

  5. Neat concept, beautifully presented. Well done.

    (From entry Z1251)

  6. Z1006 says:

    I like the concept & the presentation!


  7. Ansui Zaku says:

    WOW. definitely a thumbs up from me!
    wish I had more thumbs but some zombies chopped them off .. ><

  8. kafand says:

    From the Z-Rad poster:

    DEPLOYMENT: The Z-Rad capsules are helicopter-deployed. They can withstand impact from a fall of 200 to 300 meters as long as there are no strong lateral winds. A chinook military helicopter could theoretically lift two, if a suitable rig is created.

    IMPACT: The penetrator-spike weighs three tons and is made of solid steel, as to balance the whole correctly. The impact with the granular soil acts as a natural dampener. Immediately after the impact, three super-heavy hydraulic pistons take over the impact force. The final stop is achieved by 5 hydraulic stabilizer legs. The six-meter penetrator can pierce through a variety of soils and rubble.

    CONSTRUCTION: The Sphere (actually a truncated icosidodecahedron) weighs just over 2 tones with full equipment. Its structural system is a dense steel and titanium mesh: light, elastic and extra-strong. The 5 spikes and main penetrator are solid metal. All the surfaces of the Sphere are insulated and the upper modules are externally covered in photovoltaics. Rain water trickles toward the bottom where it is collected.

    LIVING CONDITIONS: The sphere has enough food, water and space for five people to survive for one month. With water-collection, rationing and hydroponic food production, survival is guaranteed for many months. Up to 12 people can fit (and dwell) in a suitably arranged sphere. The single toilet (bottom partition, behind the staircase) is a compost one. It needs to be emptied to the outside every week.

    DEFNENCE: The Z-Rads elevated position offers maximum safety. the entrance is located 4.5 meters above ground. There is only one entrance, activated manually from below or inside. The ladder is deployed and retracted rapidly via a spring loaded mechanism. Armaments are supplied. The basic form of defense is electrocution, through charging of the hull. Lastly, hydroponic mould fungus cultivation is available.

  9. Je96 says:

    looks good like a giant pushpin but it will land on its head imho

    • kafand says:

      No it won’t! Read description: the spike is a lot heavier than the sphere! It is designed to land with the hydraulic penetrator spike facing the ground 😛

  10. Dane Neer says:

    would have been nice to see some details of the main modules/how you inhabit the shelter, but sweet design!

    • kafand says:

      Ah, I had those but I couldn’t fit them on the poster! Check the four little alternative versions, for module combinations. I’ll also re-post the module descriptions here because the poster text is barely legible on this size…

      …and thanks a lot!

  11. Morsey Conrad says:

    Rapid deployment is key! Like sky life-bombs


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