1. Creative review says:

    Let’s vote it out!

    • Z1006 says:

      Don’t be negative!

      • Beatrice says:

        #62 – 20% down minimum might come a lot quiker than you thiâ€nk¦ And If you do nto have 20% down – well than your rate will be A LOT HIGHER so it won’t make sense to buy. Thanks Al. I was starting the write a long response about risk premiums but that sums it up nicely.

  2. snd says:

    Note we have been looking into cheating tactics and have noted a number of entries that may fit into that category. However with over 1/2 million visitors to the site pinning it down has been difficult. Don’t worry ZSHC fans, we already have a solution to the problem.


  3. jim says:

    i smell another cheater i think someone has found out how to vote for themselves i think someone should look in to this

    • Z1006 says:

      Just to clarify one thing, I am not voting for myself and can’t stop the vote! I did podcast to vote for Z1006 to everyone I have in the list and I am not hiding my smile if I see this much votes (thumbs up or thumbs down). I guess we all win after all, or as stated by Jorge! A lot of thoughts, creativeness, and responsibilities are put into these 200 entries. Exchanging survival ideas will make us survive the next Zombie Apocalypse!! 🙂

  4. Z1006 says:

    That was my theory! If the world get infected, you will not get limited number of Zombies. You are talking about a flood of Zombies that you need to flush them away as fast as possible. They are not your employees to use their energy as in your wish. They just want your flush, coming from all direction.
    Just look outside, there are more humans than you think. So, how it will look like if they get infected and turned into zombies?!!
    Zombie Flood will create the perfect Zombiefall 😉

  5. Jorge says:

    I agree with you, at first I just saw it and I didn’t knew what the hell was going on, it has some nice renderings, I personally like how blue the water looks, and well if you are just browsing from entry to entry, the one thing that catches the eye is the water. you have to read it to understand it. I guess is too late for some questions but, why a hotel and not a research facility, if I understand correctly the total number of people it can hold is 220 for four years? If it was a hotel only the rich ignorant people will survive, the smart ones would have their own safe house. If it were a research facility it could use the crane to catch zombies for research. I don’t like the whole windmill use for sustainability, I think that whenever someone says sustainability they think windmill, (hey John what are you doing for sustainability? John would say I will put windmills to power up electricity? almost every project here thinks that windmills mean sustainability, or photovoltaic panel, I think you could of have research Hydropower, hydraulic power, hydrokinetic power (almost the same thing as windmills but underwater, maybe those destroyed the zombies) or water power, and that would of have suited this project well, as an advise, look beyond the easiest solution, maybe the force of the fall from the zombies in the water collected energy.
    But well, good idea overall

    • Z1006 says:

      Thanks Jorge for your review & the useful information.
      I have a point in targeting the rich & capitalist people as a fact that they will be the first to inhabit the safe hotel at the outbreak time!!
      – The windmill are for electricity & power supply.
      – Zombies will be in struggle with the tide. (hope so)

      Actually all participating projects are based on theories ( unless someone is hiding some zombies!) and I am sure that they will evolve in the next year competition!!

      This is a fun competition 🙂 agree?

      • Jorge says:

        I agree it was a fun competition until the zombie wars erupted with people insulting other people. I got pissed when people started bashing on Z1225 just because it was ahead of votes, and because people were thinking it was me, but surprisingly I found the source of the negativity, but I don’t want to get involved anymore.
        So it was a fun contest, unfortunately there was some corrupt system in the voting that didn’t work well. It was people voting for themselves and giving negatives to everyone else.
        I hope if there’s a next year competition they leave out the voting and they just let the jury decide, they can let the gallery for people to comment on it only, I think that if they take out our power to choose, then it will make people give better comments than “I like it” or “its stupid” I tried to review some of these as best and as fair as I could.
        To be honest I was not to interested in winning, I knew the competition was going to be tough, I just wanted my project published in the book, and I think that’s the biggest award anyone can get, so in a way we all win something, because as designer we all dream of people looking at our projects. I already own the copy of Max Brooks, zombie survival guide, and world war Z anyway.
        As a final note my friend, I agree with you, I hope next year people take this competition more serious and I hope people learned something from all the entries, because most of them showed you something different, except windmills, I hope people become more creative than that next year.

  6. terry hecht says:

    dead bodies can float, why not swim?

  7. khalid says:

    your safe house is so creative i guess i will be safe form zombies and wish a happy fall off for the zombies 🙂

  8. Jorge says:

    WOW, you had a wave of votes saved for last ha, well rather you than z1297, at least yours is creative, congrats if you win, don’t let Z1297 catch up to you

    • deceived says:

      let’s hope the other project will not spend the night cleaning his safari cookies all night long
      as probably did for the first 798 likes 🙂

      i must admit that this entry is cool, even if at first the only thing you notice are the windmills..
      most of the votes to this entry are maybe due to its position on the very top of the website

      • Z1006 says:

        Thanks “deceived”
        We are participating in this competition just for fun and to share some ideas!!
        Don’t worry about the votes

      • Andy Christoforou says:

        I spend hours trying to give you as many thumbs down as I could because you’re now at the top and you will beat my super well thought out plan about creating a zombie free country, you don’t deserve to win, everyone check mine out mine can save humanity.

  9. Z1006 says:

    Safe houses that I might use other than Z1006 (not in order):


    • Z1655 says:

      I appreciate this, did you read all entries?

      • Z1006 says:

        Not all entries! I only read the ones that make sense for surviving the outbreak! I did read all the presented information in the above projects.
        Let’s wait for the Judges results and see! ;))
        Good luck!!

  10. Z1006 says:

    Your feedback zombies, ladies & gentlemen!

  11. Z1006 says:

    Did anyone notice that Zombies are voting against this project?
    I wonder why?!!
    Thanks y’ll for voting…!


  12. Z1006 says:

    Text from the Presentation:
    On the left side text:

    – Enjoy dinner while Zombies approaching you in our 5 stars ca va ZOMbien French Restaurant!
    – Enjoy walking, jogging, or running toward Zombies in THE ZYM Health Club!
    – Have your moment, release your anger, curse, shoot the Zombies in our one of a kind facility Rope-a-dope Center!
    – Enjoy the ocean’s sunset or the Zombies’ ugly fall away view from your own hotel suite!

    On the right:

    The Hotel’s Defense System is a %100 guaranteed by Gravity! The Hotel is built on an elevated base of Giant Polished Stainless Slide located on a sea cliff edge. The Mega Slide designed to give an extra acceleration to the sliding Zombie. (A) An additional feature to reach the maximum sliding speed is the use of White Lithium Grease Industrial Grade Balls which is fired from a special machine gun. Basically, more Zombies, more fun!

    The Hotel’s architectural design takes the shape of a simple aerodynamic cylindrical form. This form is to prevent any Zombies intrusion from the roof or side walls. (B) The building glazing system is using a 3” rocket proof glass with impeded Solar Heat Collecting System. The building consist of 6 Levels, One Mechanical Level, Four Hotel Suites & Hotel Facilities Levels, One Roof Garden & Sporting Facilities Level.

    The only way to access this Hotel is through the Zombie Off Intelligent Crane H32 System (ZOIC-H32).
    The ZOIC-H32 system is one of the most essential parts of the Hotel’s defense system against any Zombie’s interference. The ZOIC-H32 is a heavy duty boom arm that is connected to its end with a rocket proof control cockpit called The Cockpit. (C) The ZOIC-H32 is the link between two portals, The Ocean Portal & The Hotel Portal.

    The Cockpit Unit is the operational part of transporting guests into the hotel. It is controlled by a team of three personals, The Captain, The Bio-Doc, & The Receptionist, to assure the safety of all guests & facilities.
    (D) All 40 guests must use the Transportation Capsule Unit, or Transcaues-1. Each Capsule is equipped with the Zombie-free Sensor & an observational sensor. Failing to pass the test will result in a direct ocean free fall.

    There are 4 Energy all weather & heat proof towers which are used for storing enough food, drinks, oil, & medicine for 55 person, up to 4 years. Each tower is independently powered by twin wind turbines to produce energy to power the entire site & facilities. (E) Each insulated tower contains 8 vertical storage chambers built on a reinforced concrete foundation.

    Thank you for your vote!!
    Best regards,


  13. Looks cool, but the whole presentation is very hard to read.

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